Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Definitions of Life

Many definitions of LIFE, yet it seems every "definition" was conned to fit an individual's state of mind at a certain period in I might as well con mine to suit my "state of mind"...

To me, life is an endless dream...a state of suspended exercise that either breaks or makes you before the Maker deems it fit to take you. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Music : Food for my Soul

Time to talk about my "first love" :-)....MUSIC

Yep,that was and is still my real "love"....we all tend to say we love various things without adding so much value or depth to the utterance but when i say i love music...i mean it from the depth of my soul.

Music has been the No.1 constant in my Bob Marley says "Music is the only thing that hits you and you feel no pain" and trust me, music has never caused me "pain" :-), all i feel is joy and that adrenaline rush that comes especially when am listening to naija jams.

Sometimes, i actually have to struggle to stop myself from dancing in the office (i hope my boss doesnt get to see but that's how much it "hits" me.


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