Saturday, August 27, 2016

Letter to My Younger Self

And the story continues...

Over a year ago, I wrote about my mom's passing and lessons learnt from the experience, see post The Awakening and literally dropped the mic (for lack of a better phrase). 

I have had to give one excuse or another when asked "Semira, why haven't you written in a while?" - ranging from writer's block, absence of the urge to write etc. 

But the truth is beneath all those excuses was fear; after loosing my parents and a series of other events that had me wondering if an old woman in my village was on my case, my idea of reality was shaken from the core and I was not the same person I used to be anymore, I was a different person with a largely new perspective trying to get comfortable in my new skin and it was scary as hell. 

And since I largely write from my real life experience, I was worried about putting these new thoughts and emotions, which I was still trying to make sense of, out there; wondering what if I seem too philosophical now, what if people can't relate to what I am writing now, blah blah and each time I opened my computer to type, I quickly shut it; saying tomorrow, tomorrow I will write but not today.

And finally tomorrow came and here I am; drowning that irrelevant critic's voice (God, i have missed this sound - hearing my keyboard click) about to write a letter to my nineteen (19) year old self; things I wish she knew back then and things I am glad she didn't know:


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