Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Music of the Week: Tiwa Savage "My Darlin"

Tiwa Savage just broke the least she broke
Woke up to her latest video, "My Darlin"; great visuals (kudos to Kemi Adetiba) and very catchy melody, I can actually imagine people dancing to the tune at weddings.
Of course it had to be my music (video) of the week.
Watch, enjoy and relax those mid-week frayed nerves.
In the meantime, what do you think about the video? yay or nay?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Senseless Sense

Every day I turn on my TV, I get flashes of destruction, man inhumanity to man and just plain old evil.
And seeing such darkness may make one wonder what is the plan of God in all these chaos;  that is a question I cannot answer but one thing I am absolutely sure of is God's plans are always for good.  
It is so easy to direct our anger and disappointments towards God in the midst of chaos but in such times that is when we need to believe in Him the most and trust in His ability to make things right.
So in the midst of the darkness and destruction, all we can do is speak up, act, hope, pray and trust that things will someday make sense in the world.

Let us hope for a better World. Let us hope for a better Nigeria.
May the souls of the innocent children that died in the recent bomb blast in Yobe State continue to rest in peace.
The article by Joyce Meyer after the cut reiterates my words above.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Take It Off

The world has taught us to only celebrate joy and the brighter life but it never teaches you how to embrace pain, accept pain as a transition tool and how to go through pain.

Everyone is predisposed to say “cheese” when taking pictures even if deep inside a war wages; threatening to tear them apart.

We have our societal masks always in place; ready to show everyone everything is perfect when we all know perfection is only an illusion.

And living this way stops us from seeing the lessons attached to pain.

I used to be that way, live in denial that life will always be rosy and am not saying I am a cynic now; I just have a better understanding of reality.

I know what it means to rain and rain really hard and I also know how to go through drought and feel the cracks in your soul; wondering when the rain will fall again; watching the skies with anticipation and hope.

I know what it means to have and not to have.

I know what it means to smile from the depth of my heart and cry from the depth of my soul; rendered with anguish and despair.

I know all that now.

Yes I have been broken, exposed to harsh sunlight but do you know what all these harsh conditions did to me?


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