Get Familiar

This is where I try to answer the question: 

Why do I have a blog? 


I believe everything that happens in life should be expressed through art - some paint, some sing and I write. 

I find inspiration in almost everything that happens around me and I could have the choice of writing about these things in a private journal but what is the essence of knowledge if not shared.

I approach my keyboard with the hope that my words would cause someone out there to experience hope, love, comfort or simple pleasure.

Ultimately, I write to learn - for the more I share how I view the world through my own lenses, the more I invite more people to also comfortably share their stories with me. 

You see, this is not just my blog, it is yours too!!!

So, join me as we experience life together. 

Welcome to my eclectic world (expect anything - well, almost anything). 

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