Sunday, February 19, 2017

Broken Clay

There is something interesting I have observed recently; it seems VITAL for everyone to give off an "illusion" of a perfect untainted life. 

God forbid we talk about those sad lonely nights you cried your eyes out. God forbid we talk about those times you were not sure of your next steps and couldn't seem to figure things out with all the darkness around you.

God forbid!!!!!

How can we let our enemies see our tears? How can we retire from the pepper dem gang so early???

God forbid!!!!

So we drown the pain in booze, sex, drugs, relationships or whatever can take our minds off the hollow void deep within. We smile and fake it until we make it.

And most times we do make it, we actually feel better when we get up, get dressed and step out with our heads high - lipstick set, heels clicking and weave in place; we actually make it.



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