Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy International Workers Day

Now I pray my boss never gets to see the picture above...lol
"Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember, the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you” - Zig Ziglar


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sights from Badagry

I was in Badagry, Lagos, over the weekend and took time out to visit the Heritage Museum (which has been sadly neglected by the Government). Wonder why they would do that to a place that holds such history (it was a District Office during the era of Lord Lugard).

Moving on....

I took pictures of various historical events especially the much despised slave trade era :(

I also took an "unprofessional" shot of the first Storey Building in Nigeria.

Despite the neglected state of the Museum, it is still worth a visit whenever you go to Badagry.

Did I mention that they have very delicious catfish in Badagry and the fresh coconuts are to die for :) ♥

Don't forget to try out those too :)

Paddlocks for the lips, legs and neck
Paddlocks for the lips and a neck chain
Raffle Draw Advert for a Mulatto Slave
First Storey Building in Nigeria
Slave Drinking Pot (with sharp edges)
A picture of a Slave hanging by the ribs
History of Slave Abolition
Statues of Household Slaves

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blame Game, Right or Wrong?


"You can't blame me, it's the fault of my parents". 

"It's not my fault, the hardship in this Country is just too much that is why I took up robbery as a 'profession' ". 

"The old woman in my village is at it again, that explains why I can't get a job" (mind you this is coming from someone who sits at home all day and hasn't finished typing the first paragraph of his resume).

Growing up, we played certain games and eventually outgrew them but one game that has transcended the age barrier is the BLAME GAME.

It is always so easy to blame someone else for  ALL our misfortunes even though we know some of these events occurred due to sheer lack of discipline from our end.

Just like Michael...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Walk down Memory Lane

Does the picture below bring back fond memories for you as it does for me?

Bringing back those good ol' days of Voltron, Ghost Busters and the likes *never really been a fan of Tom & Jerry*.

Sometimes it feels really good looking back and smiling as we remember those mundane activities that carved out our childhood memories.

When I look at the picture l can still mentally view the ever energetic Ninja Turtles and their old but very agile leader (Sensei).

Their unending appetite for pizza.

My sister and I used to derive pleasure remembering the names of each Ninja Turtles.

And my love for the cartoon also transcended to my "Pablo Picasso" sketches of cartoon characters; where l would spend hours trying to perfect every curve and indent on their bodies.

Good Times. Really Good Times. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Music of the Week: Music of My Heart, Nicole C. Mullen

Review: I can't remember how I came across this song but it stuck like glue immediately I listened to it. In her own unique way, Nicole C. Mullen reaffirms her love for God and her willingness to be used as His Vessel here on earth.

In my humble opinion, it is the best song to listen to when your faith in God starts getting a little shaky and you just want to remind yourself of that undying love He promised us and the need to "Be Still and know that He is God".

It also reminds us of the need to always remember that we are here as vessels and reflections of God's love and mercy.

"We glorify Him most and enjoy Him most when we work with fervor and excellence for His pleasure, not ours. For His service and the service of others, not self-service and personal gain, because He deserves our all - Randy Kilgore".

Question: What is your own take on the song?

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Friend, My Sister

“Hello, are you here for the interview or do you work with the Bank”? I asked, hoping to find an ally for the interview I was clueless about.

“I am here for the interview too”, Nneka said.

“Oh, that’s nice, me too”, I said with relief.

“By the way, I like your hair”, I said, feeling instantly comfortable with my new found ally.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Music of the Week: Diallo by Wyclef Jean

I was out chilling with some friends a while back and mid way into the azonto-etighi-alingo movements on the dance floor, the DJ suddenly started playing Diallo by Wyclef Jean and despite its slow tune, it quickly took everyone down memory lane. 

Virtually everyone was singing along and it felt really good remembering those good ol' days of lyric books ( a twenty page or less publication of lyrics *sometimes right, sometimes wrong* of hit songs).


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