Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Music : Food for my Soul

Time to talk about my "first love" :-)....MUSIC

Yep,that was and is still my real "love"....we all tend to say we love various things without adding so much value or depth to the utterance but when i say i love music...i mean it from the depth of my soul.

Music has been the No.1 constant in my Bob Marley says "Music is the only thing that hits you and you feel no pain" and trust me, music has never caused me "pain" :-), all i feel is joy and that adrenaline rush that comes especially when am listening to naija jams.

Sometimes, i actually have to struggle to stop myself from dancing in the office (i hope my boss doesnt get to see but that's how much it "hits" me.

From a tender age i have always craved for things that will feed my "soul" , as i like to call them, and these things range from intellectual conversations, interesting books/engaging novels and of course my "love", music.

My "yoruba blood" is also an added bonus as i also like to dance (something my mom tells me have been doing since i was little), so music is also a tool used to fuel another passion of mine, "dancing". 

Once upon a time, i actually had the guts to tell my mom that i wanted to become a dancer while we were watching one afro beat dancer on TV...the poor woman almost had a but alas life had other plans and i saved her that "tragedy"...but its never to late, maybe i will just wake up one day and decide to join Femi Kuti's band (of course, without my mom

But on a serious note though, there are several things i do which i consider normal but generally can be considered weird e.g; am crazy about dogs and used to actually talk aloud to mine (i feel somehow they connect with us as humans...crazy huh but that's how i feel) and then i use music as my "therapy"...i can't be unhappy and listen to music without getting out of that dark mood...i would like to think that is normal and applies to a large number of people out there though.

If you don't belong to that "large number of people"out there, that i would like to call "music addicts", i would like you to try it...honestly, music is one addiction that will never ruin's a particular "high" that takes you to a positive realm and most importantly keeps your heart young .

Try it....mix different blends/genres.

For me right now, naija music gives me my needed "high" but who knows tommorrow it may be a different genre but for now am rocking the genre and lovvvvviiiiinnnnngggg it.

I can sha talk (write) summary: i want to share/spread my love for music with you and ask y'all to indulge in it from time to time.

happy music addiction :-)


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