Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Definitions of Life

Many definitions of LIFE, yet it seems every "definition" was conned to fit an individual's state of mind at a certain period in I might as well con mine to suit my "state of mind"...

To me, life is an endless dream...a state of suspended exercise that either breaks or makes you before the Maker deems it fit to take you. 

Life is full of choices...all different, yet entwined, thus the ripple effect of one activity over a large scale of activities.
Life is a long dark tunnel that gets flooded with light sometimes and other times, leaves its "players" groping in the dark, totally unaware of what tomorrow holds and yet "they" still keep moving blindly with unflinching faith in the Maker and the belief that He will light their paths eventually.

Life is realistically unfair, the good and pure in heart get to a "breaking point", while the wicked get one chance after another. 
Life is a school that never goes on vacation, you just have to listen and keep learning...keep keeping on.

But at the end of all the pain and unfairness, Life indeed teaches us the value of "Hope" because no matter how dark, bleak or lonely life gets, there is always a flicker of hope in our that moment we feel God, we feel Him holding us and telling us, "tomorrow is a better day"..."It only gets better never worse" and when we decide to hold on to this glimmer of "Hope", He provides us with the strength to go on and give Life a new and better definition...for me, at that moment I define life as : "LIFE IS GOOD", because once again I have an opportunity to learn, to grow, to love and most especially live Life :-)


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