Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music of the Week

Hello Dear Ones,

I will be introducing a
new segment
to this blog which am sure a lot of music lovers, like myself, will find entertaining.

It will be tagged "Music of the Week".

Every Wednesday, I will put up a song (both new and old) from my own play list and the play lists of others who are willing to share songs from private "music collections".

These songs will be uploaded simply for YOUR listening pleasure. 

Hopefully, this segment will also expose us (me and you) to an eclectic blend of music.

While giving us something "new" to sing to every Wednesday.

Our pioneer song of week is:

Burna boi's "like to party" :)



Review: I like this song simply for its laid back feel (not too fast and not too slow) but soothing enough for the ears.

Feel free to hit the play button and transcend to "music paradise".

Don't forget to invite your friends to share in the pleasure also.

a) What is your opinion of today's song of the week.

b) Feel free to give me suggestions on the song you would like to listen to in the next segment.

Say ya next Wednesday.

Expect anything!!!


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