Saturday, October 15, 2016

Love Story:how death led to life


Short Story
Bola was the life of the party; she had the latest clothes, knew the hot spots and was the unopposed leader of her bubbling group of hot chicks. Nonso is the classic definition of a geek; quiet, studious and to top it up he was a very very religious brother. 

Time and fate led Bola's and Nonso's paths to cross and for some reason (maybe opposites really does attract) an intense love filled relationship started between the duo. There was something about Bola now; a certain glow, and Nonso suddenly developed a more confident stride in his steps. 

But there was a huge problem...

Neither could share this new found exciting-giddy-intense-feeling with their close friends or even the public. How would Nonso explain falling in love with Bola, a "sinner"? How would Bola keep her social prestige intact after falling in love with geekolious Nonso (that was the nickname she and her group had coined for him), surely they would laugh at her? 

So they kept it on the down low until neither could contain their excitement; for it was already obvious something had changed in both parties, and they decided to tell the whole world about their relationship, regardless of the effect such public declaration would cause and it sure did cause a storm; Bola was overthrown from the bubbling group and Nonso was judged by the "Scribes" and "Pharisees".

But they didn't care, for at last they were free to love and grow as a couple and of course as all classic love stories goes; they obviously lived happily ever after.

The End. 

Now bringing it back home (of course I was heading somewhere with that story), Bola in the story represents me (not in all components since from my records I can't remember leading a bubbling and Nonso (not in all components also) represents God.

You see, I fell in love recently...


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