Friday, February 24, 2012


Just heard the sad news of a friend's death...Shehu Folmi Mutashi aka Lapasky.

And it instantly took me down memory lane,back to my university days and when i first met Lapasky (as we fondly call him),we were both in the same department and although he was a year ahead of me,there was just one instant connection between us and the fact that people used to say we look alike made it last longer.

He was one of those go lucky dudes, who never had a worry in life...he really just lived for the moment despite his genotype (SS), that is the Lapasky i knew:-). He took me under his wings and because of his little frame, i used to tease him and call him "my lil brother".

Unfortunately, the events of life created a void between us, because soon after he left the university,we stopped keeping in touch regularly except the occassional texts and calls which eventually came to a stop. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I usually hear these words "what doesn't kill you,only makes you stronger" and never added so much meaning to it until i stepped into the "wider world". My experience thus far taught me the power of Hope, Faith and most importantly Resilience.

I have learnt to see/accept the good and bad in humans, change the way i view events and take life one step at a time.

I have learnt to totally and completely let God take "the wheel".

I have learnt to smile no matter the situation,cuz the world can try to take my strength but it can never take my joy...that is something we all have that is truly and absolutely "ours".

I smile even when things dont make sense.
I smile even when people you call "friends" arent who they claim to be.
I smile even when i dont know what tommorrow may bring.
I smile because have got God (what more can i ask for).
I smile because eventhough i may not have everything i "want",have got everything i "need".
I smile because i have a chance each day to praise and exalt my creator.
I smile because i have a bunch of people who truly love and accept me.
I smile because i can smile and;
Yes, i smile because "am alive and stronger"



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