Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Insignificantly Significant

Warning: Before you proceed further, the story below may seem inconsequential or a bit silly but do have the patience to read on and you will definitely learn something from it (yes, you sure will :) ).

It all started with a packet of chewing gum (no extra meaning hidden there).

My colleague used to come to work with a particular kind of chewing gum that I absolutely loved.

So I began "begging" him to get some for me and for months he kept "forgetting" but I patiently waited, hoping for the day he will remember and bring “my” chewing gum to me.

Let's just say I wait tire.

Soon after I stopped waiting for him to bring my chewing gum, I casually strolled into a neighborhood store that I go to regularly.

While waiting for my change, my eyes "randomly" landed on a packet of chewing gum that didn't seem familiar but for some reason I had the urge to try it out, so I bought it.

When I got home, I unraveled my chewing gum and then and only then did I realize it was one and the same chewing gum I had been waiting for forever.

Now at this point some of you may say "Ehen and so what".

But the truth is that I learnt a lesson from this experience, how? You may ask.

Well, its simple.

I had something right in front of me for several months ( I go to the store in question at least once in two weeks) but I simply didn't notice it.

Maybe because my mind was closed to the possibility of finding the chewing gum myself or maybe I just preferred relaxing and waiting for someone (my promise and fail colleague in this case) to hand it over to me.

Either way, I deprived myself from the pleasure of chewing my sweet bubble gum for several months.

Until I decided to take just one random action.

Now let's compare this to "real life" situations.

Sometimes we waste so much time relying on someone else to provide our "needs" or help us achieve a certain dream.

We just assume; why bother doing it myself when my mother’s brother’s friend’s cousin can do it for me.

So we just keep waiting and waiting and waiting (like Godot).

And this endless wait will most likely continue for a very long time (like me waiting for my colleague to " deliver” the chewing gum).

Until the day we consciously or unconsciously decide to take a seemly random action (like me picking up a random chewing gum) that will "surprisingly" give you all you have been waiting for.

So how about taking a "random" action today? How about applying for that "random" job instead of waiting for someone out there to hook you up? How about trying something totally new?

It may be a little or seemingly insignificant step.

But you may just find out that it is exactly what you have been waiting for forever.

Note: There is always something to be learnt from every mundane thing that occurs in your life.

Now I hope this seemly "inconsequential" story was worth the read (like I promised).

Maybe I will also write about my experience with ijebu garri *thinking*.

Just kidding :).



  1. Hmm, thank you, as insignificant as the story may appear, it has the ability to make a difference in someones life.lessons learnt for me *stop overdependence on people and the system of the day, take initiatives and satisfy your couriosity.

    1. @Dr Jimlas,you hit the nail on the head, am glad you liked it :)

  2. Great an open,positive mind is where is all that counts.nice.


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