Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Story Never Ends # 1

She walks down the street, oblivious to the blaring sound of horns on the ever busy Lagos street.

At that moment she really couldn't care less if a crazy Molue* driver runs her down.

For one startling moment she felt happy about that happening to her and then just like the snap of fingers; she reminds herself to hold it all together.

Just a few more days, she says to herself; just a few more days and it will all be over.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thought Questions

A question that makes you think is worth asking...

Answer: Never apologise for being YOU.

 Answer: Smile

Answer: Fear

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Guest of the Month: GRD Graphic Research Department

GRD Graphic Research Department is an innovative Design and Clothing Line Outfit co-owned by two young and vibrant Gentlemen; Jesse Yakubu and Williams Abrack Chechet aka Blackchild. In this interview, Blackchild shares his dreams, driving force and the brand with us.

Enjoy, be inspired and also don't forget to check them out, you will be very glad you did :):

Friday, March 22, 2013

Adieu to a Great Story Teller

Chinua Achebe (born 1930, died 21st March, 2013) was one of the foremost Nigerian novelists. His novels were primarily directed to an African audience, but their psychological insights have gained them universal acceptance.  

He is also known the World over for having played a seminal role in the founding and development of African literature and is considered to be among the most significant World writers.

Weekend Nugget #3


Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. 

Life is beauty, admire it. 

Life is bliss, taste it.      

Life is a dream, realize it. 

Life is a challenge, meet it. 

Life is a duty, complete it. 

Life is a game, play it.    

Life is a gamble, fulfill it.  

Life is sorrow, overcome it. 

Life is a song, sing it.     

Life is an adventure, dare it. 

Life is too precious, do not destroy it #LiveLife
~ Mother Theresa

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Beauty of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous plant in the World, and has been used frequently in history for its medicinal properties. 
Extracts from Aloe Vera can be used for a lot things.
See details on how best to use Aloe Vera after the cut: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diary of an Aqua-phobic Swimmer (Day Four & Conclusion)

Day Four (4)
Dear Diary,

No swimming lessons today.

Now why am I happy about that?*straight face*.

Hehehehehehe...I guess I needed a break from the anxiety.

The journey continues though.

See conclusion to this rendition after the cut:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Diary of an Aqua-phobic Swimmer (Day Three)

Day Three (3)
Dear Diary,
Spent hours at the pool and at the end of the day I left with a bitter sweet feeling.

Yes, I did much better than yesterday but I am getting quite impatient with my baby steps.

I really hate this phobia.

Why can't I just go under water and feel the peace and tranquillity everyone talks about?.

I am obviously venting...sorry diary.

I just hate not succeeding *shy face* and conquering an element I am supposed to be able to control #SillyWater.

So obviously even after the moderate improvement, I left the pool in a foul mood.

Anyway, I won't let this deter me, if there is one thing I can't stand is giving up; so I will keep keepin on.

My friend also reminded me to have fun while I am at it especially since I am making it seem like I am training for the Olympics instead of just having fun *blushing despite my dark skin*. 
So it is time to enjoy the process instead being in a haste to achieve the end goal.

Again, baby steps Semira, baby steps.

Time to relax and really have fun.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diary of an Aqua-phobic Swimmer (Day Two)

Day Two (2)
Dear Diary,

We are here again.

This time I get in without so much drama *big smile*.

Now the Swimming Coach wants us to learn how to move/paddle in the water without holding onto anything.


Well, Adon did it and I was extremely impressed and a tiny bit discouraged since we both started out as "learners" together.

But I guess to each his own and besides her courage inspired me to try harder.

List of activities successfully carried out on Day Two:

1) Learnt how to paddle with my legs better than yesterday; if I keep this up, I can become an expert paddler...hehehehehe.

2) Stayed under water holding my breath without panicking...yayyyyyy.

3) Can hop in the pool (that is; using my hands to paddle while jumping/walking on my feet).

What I couldn't do *wailing*:

1) Let go off the base, edges or stairs completely.

2) Push forward with my feet and float for a while before using my hands to paddle (for some crazy reason, I just feel I will choke or something weird will happen if I let go).

The fear is killing me *wailing some more*.

Almost gave up but Adon dished out some motivational pep talk and I got hopping and paddling again.

I really enjoyed moving around the shallow end of the pool after I stopped being too hard on myself.

Baby steps Semira, baby steps; I repeatedly kept saying.

Of course I wish I could just conquer my fears like Jackie Chan (or any of those Asian Actors that jump off Cliffs without breaking a nail) and dive in, but reality is usually different from fantasy.

For now I have to appreciate the little steps I have taken forward.

Once again, tomorrow is another day.

Question: How did you deal with a mind numbing fear? 

Diary of an Aqua-phobic Swimmer

After several New Year resolutions, I finally got the courage to face one of my greatest fears: Water.

For some unknown reasons, the thought of being underneath water gets my heart rate going faster than Usain Bolt's legs.

But I knew I had to conquer it and this led me to my on-going drama filled journey in the swimming pool.

Just for the fun of it and also to share lessons learnt, I am going to make my blog a public journal; documenting my swimming journey.

See the full detail of my first day after the cut (try not to laugh too hard...I am still a learner *shy smile*) : 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We have a Pope!!!!

After 13 days of suspense, 2 days of conclave and the fifth ballot, the World finally gets a Pontiff - Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

He becomes the 266th and the first non-European Pope.

The new Pope also officially adopted Pope Francis I as his papacy name with his inaugural Mass slated for next Tuesday, 19th March, 2013.

See  Nine (9) key facts about the new Pontiff after the cut:

How to Dress Up for Work by Blossom

I love dressing up and most importantly I enjoy dressing up for work. 

So, for our Lifestyle post today, I am going to share with YOU ideas on how to assembly the pieces in your closet to make a fashion statement at your workplace.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Turning Negativity Around

Growing up was pretty dramatic for me but through it all, one thing that was constant was the unconditional love we shared as a family.

Through thick and thin. Through who stole the meat from the pot and subsequent smacks on the butt. Through all the petty sibling rivalry (which my sister had to endure since I was the "baby of the house"). One thing that was constant was how quickly we could catch grenades for one another.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Shaggy : Strength of a Woman

A song to close the curtain on 2013 International Women's Day.

Enjoy :)

A River of Greatness

You know that saying; "What a Man can do, a Woman can do better", as bigoted as it may sound, whoever invented it wasn't wrong after all.

Want to know why?

New Music : Tekno ft Njideka Super Mario

Thank God Is Friday yeah?

After all the nerve-racking deadlines, you finally get to stretch your feet and relax....hmmmm, feels like paradise  :).

Here is a song I heard randomly and instantly liked.

Listen, relax and ease into the weekend mode.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Music of the Week: Fuse ODG ft Wyclef Jean "Antenna"

Fuse ODG, the Azonto crooner is back again with the remix of his banging single "Antenna" featuring Hatian-American Superstar; Wyclef Jean. The song was directed by Moe Musa and produced by Killbeatz.

See video after the cut:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Musings #3

Some people eat when they have a lot on their minds, others drink, smoke or indulge in anything that will take their minds off reality.

Me, I simply write it away; I just pour out everything on a piece of paper, exhale, raise my head up and keep moving.

Tonight was one of those nights and after scribbling and scribbling away, a small thought crept into my head to read Psalm 27.

So I abandoned my "tools" (pen and paper) and read the chapter.

Friday, March 1, 2013

45 Life Lessons

I recently stumbled upon an outline of 45 Life Lessons on StumbleUpon (I just rhymed...hehehehe).

Back to serious business; it is a longggg but very insightful list.

I really cannot imagine anyone going through the list and not picking at least a thing or two from it.

So kindly click, read and be enlightened :)


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