Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hidden Clues

Just the other day, I failed to adjust my side mirrors before setting out and half way through my journey, I noticed my right side mirror wasn't set right so I put on my multitasking cap and proceeded to adjust my mirror while driving; obviously one task had to take precedence, so I did not realize that I had set the adjuster wrongly and kept on clicking and adjusting (messing up) my left side mirror while staring from time to time at my right side mirror. 

Obviously, I wasn't seeing any change and I began to worry; thinking of the time that I may have to spend trying to get it fixed since I assumed it refused to budge because it was broken but alas I decided to quickly glance at the adjuster and then realized it was set wrongly. With a sigh of relief, I went on to place it in the right place and adjusted the mirror.

By now you must be wondering why Semira would come here just to tell you about her side mirrors; but do you know seemingly mundane events can also be a reminder of simple life lessons? So this is not just a story about my side mirrors; there is more:

Friday, September 2, 2016

Now; All We Have

Can you remember when you used to sneak outside to go play in the rain?

Can you remember the excitement attached to holiday season; anticipating gifts, new clothes (oh how I loved my Christmas clothes), plenty food and the "treasury reserve" from money gotten from neighbors and relations?

Can you remember patiently sitting in front of the family's treasured black and white TV set; waiting for those annoying lines to clear out by 4 pm so you can start watching Tom and Jerry, Voltron, Ninja Turtles etc. 

Can you remember when your greatest worry was....absolutely nothing?

Can you remember your first crush; that crazy giddy feeling when you exchange letters or catch a glimpse of him/her?

Now can you remember wanting to grow up sooooooo fast; so sure that life would be more interesting and free once you get more "adult" (yep, I said that - literary license)?

And in some ways, you were right, life did get more interesting and free despite the responsibilities now attached to it,


Just like our childhoods, we are still in a haste - in a rush to settle down, have kids, have a great career, have plentttyyyy money etc. 

And don't get me wrong these are wonderful and valid goals but aren't we forgetting something great?

That thing called NOW; that very thing we have at our disposal, right in front of us to build on and to enjoy so immensely. 

This moment, as I type, is all I have assured and as I click on these keypads and listen to the sound of Young Galaxy's Cover Your Track playing in my ears, I feel alive - right here and now I have stored another memory; maybe years from now I will remember the feeling, maybe I won't but what is important is I am present.

NOW is my reality and it can be yours too.

Tomorrow will sort itself out and your plans will fall into place or fall apart (I can hear someone shouting God either way, my love, you will live (added for my Nigerian folks; even with the recession).

Let's open the door to NOW, shall we? - how else are we supposed to archive memories. 

Take us back on a journey, do share your memorable childhood memories, we all have one? 



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