Monday, April 8, 2013

My Friend, My Sister

“Hello, are you here for the interview or do you work with the Bank”? I asked, hoping to find an ally for the interview I was clueless about.

“I am here for the interview too”, Nneka said.

“Oh, that’s nice, me too”, I said with relief.

“By the way, I like your hair”, I said, feeling instantly comfortable with my new found ally.

We went into the interview room both clueless as to what to write but luck shone on us and we both got accepted to serve with a Mortgage Bank in Abuja.

This led to a beautiful friendship over the years.

So you can imagine my joy when I was asked to be the Chief Bridesmaid at the wedding of my dearest Nneka and her dashing heartthrob in Enugu State, over the weekend.

My trip to the Coal City (Enugu State) was eventful and a new experience for me; with most people speaking Igbo to me and my shy responses in English (how else can I explain not knowing how to speak my mum’s language *shy face*).

Aside that mild and non-existent glitch, my experience this weekend was interesting as I took a tour round the “Coal City” and realised it was one of those fast developing States, especially since I assumed otherwise prior to my visit, unfortunately the tour was too fast for my lens to capture sights and sounds of the city.

Next time, I will go fully armed and prepared.

Aside readjusting my view of Enugu State, the most important event of all was standing next to my dearest friend as she said “I do” to her handsome hubby.

Alas, my dearest Nne, as I fondly call her, is now a “Mrs.”.

Some friends come. Some friends go. Some friends remain a constant part of your life despite physical distance and that is who my interview ally has become; a friend who transcends time and space.

So this day I celebrate YOU, Nne and wish you many more blissful years with twenty kids. Yels, I said twenty besides were you not asked to “Go forth and populate the World”?...hehehehehehe.

XOXO my dearest one.

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