Monday, July 9, 2012

Our New Mrs.

Blowing the dust off my blog :). I have been away for a while, not totally my fault though.

My first true love (my elder sister) got married this weekend and we were all sooooo busy. But the stress was worth every single smile I saw on my sister's face.

The event took us down memory lane, to those days when we used to "plan" our future. Ideally, we are supposed to have "dropped" two kids each by, but I guess life had a different and much better plan in mind :).

I have marked the weekend as a milestone in my life (yels, am tapping from my sister's joy) because not only did I see my sister very happy but I also got a very nice and caring brother-in-law.

Our childhood friends were also there to spice up the event and it was fun reminiscing on those good ol' days.

And I have never seen my mom dance as much as she did that day, the woman just kept twisting her waist and I was just praying she doesn't fall down, but alas the "strength of a proud mama" fell on her and she danced the day away.

All in all, it was a great event and am very grateful to God for making everything fall into place perfectly.



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