Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to weather a "Storm" by Faith Alfa

Hard times and Challenges.

When hard times strike, it is difficult to smile, laugh, talk with friends, and do the things you love to do.

Some times we can get so lost that we forget to pray.

Many times we feel that we are all alone; little do we know that there are so many people "screaming on the inside" for just a hug or a smile to set them free.

On many days what will determine how we pull through is how we react to these hard times. 

Its not easy when we are anxious to remain calm, but I have found that being calm and looking for solutions has yielded more benefit than giving way to anxiety and fear.

Asking the 'right' people for solutions is also important. 

To do this we would need the wisdom of God and listening ears. 

A problem shared they say is a problem solved but permit me to say that it depends on who the problem is shared with. 

Sharing is important but what is more important, is who it is shared with.

Become creative and innovative and learn to surround yourself with "like minds". 

Pride does truly go before a fall, so learn to ask for help, from the right people. 

Surround yourself with people who encourage you and who are interested in your success, because these are the people who will point you in the right direction, even when if it hurts to hear the truth.

The most important thing to do before and when challenges arise I believe is to pray to God and to praise Him. 

We seldom remember to do this because more often than not we are overwhelmed by our circumstances. 

But the answer to every problem, fear, doubt and cry lies with God. 

I believe that if we develop a habit of running to God first, our days would be better.

Hard times and challenges may come our way but when they do, let us remember we are not alone, that our attitude would determine when and how quickly we rise and that God is the ultimate solution to all our challenges/problems.

*If only I give heed to all my advices. Lol*

Feedbacks: Feel free to tell us what has helped you in weathering a particular "storm" in your life...we want to learn :).
Written by Faith Alfa


  1. I've had a lot of rough times, I've lost a lot of money , liquidated a lot of businesses. N cried out my heart to the heavens a million times, bt my troubles never end. I dnt think my tears gland has or can make any more tears, bt in it all, I've learnt a lot from all my challenges. The truth is that greater challenges lie ahead, cos there's no perfect rest for a man till death coms. Bt the challenges uve gone through ealier teaches u to handle d bigger 1 ahead. I've learnt to be prayerfull, to be prudent with money, to save, to plan, to have alternative plans, standby staffs,to be patien n a lot more. Now poeple I complained to when I went to all does problems then, consult mi now, cos sum are facing similar problems now. So in all u go thru find d course n try n find ur lapes instead of blaming odas n think of steps dat wuld have bin taking to prevent it even if it wasn't your fault, that was u atleast gained knowledge from your problem

    1. I totally agree with you Udo, what is the essence of hard times if you can't learn from it?.

      Like you have done, I think life actually gets bearable when we come to terms with the fact that there will be problems but in us (through the grace of God) lies the ability to overcome them.

      Thanks a mil for your insightful contribution :)

  2. Encouraging words!well articulated piece.

  3. Nicely written God is the solution to all the difficulties we face in life. Inspiring stuff...

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Anon.

      I couldn't agree with you more.

  4. This is definitely true. Some problems however best shared with God alone.
    Tha ability to distinguish between those problems that requires one to seek human help and those that only God can handle however continually remains a problem.

    1. I guess that is why we ought to always pray for a spirit of discernment but most times I’d rather give God the upper hand than rely on any human intervention.

      That makes the decision easier.

  5. Sometimes u hurt so much that you forget to pray, My number one place of refuge is God and it should be for everyone else. My Bible has been my greatest weapon to any storm :)

    1. #Gbam at your "greatest weapon" :)

      I guess it is natural for us to cry and complain when times are hard, it takes a lot to give praise during a "storm" but then again that's an aspect God's grace takes care of.

      Thank you for your feedback Mercy :)

  6. Awww thanks for your contributions. We are learning. Faith Alfa.

    1. We are definitely learning.

      Thanks dear for sharing your article with us

  7. Many of us are constantly overwhelmed and preoccupied with the problems facing us today. It is important people direct their positive energies towards problems by, for example, being solution oriented,balanced and focused. Problems can be seen as a character-building opportunity,an invitation to prayer and a cause for making informed decisions. Lastly,God is the light to this path.

    1. Am really glad seeing a lot of people with a positive mindset about challenges.

      Thanks once for your insightful contribution Danjay :)

  8. The truth is that greater challenges lie ahead, cos there's no perfect rest for a man till death comes. However, how you perceive a challenge is how you will intepret it. Our thoughts and ideal are the only restricting factor that weigh our belief.
    Each person has a story to tell, 'No doubt'. However, lets view life challenges in another angle. “What if the society need crisis to change?” then by all implication, challenges been the crisis creates the basis for eminent change. The change here in context, defines the uniqueness, God placed in each of us.
    I learnt a new idea years back from Rick Warren 'Purpose driven life' to perceive challenges as, what is to be learnt. This is working for me, do hope it works for you.

  9. Wow faith God bless en incriz ds gift of urs.its encouraging en to all ur contributn ws awesome.challenges cms our way to b better persons depending on hw we respond to it.sure we cnt xcape it bt d most importnt tin is our attitude twrds dose challenges it must b positive en let God b d centre of hw ever we choose to takia of it.may God grant us wisdom frm above to apply to our lives daily as we live in d face of wateva storm or challenges dt crosses our path!

  10. True Agwu, how we perceive challenges matters. Anonymous 9:03am Amen! And God bless you too Amen! As you said, I hope we can all learn to make God the centre of our decision making. Thanks for sharing guys.


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