Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to weather a "Storm" by Faith Alfa

Hard times and Challenges.

When hard times strike, it is difficult to smile, laugh, talk with friends, and do the things you love to do.

Some times we can get so lost that we forget to pray.

Many times we feel that we are all alone; little do we know that there are so many people "screaming on the inside" for just a hug or a smile to set them free.

On many days what will determine how we pull through is how we react to these hard times. 

Its not easy when we are anxious to remain calm, but I have found that being calm and looking for solutions has yielded more benefit than giving way to anxiety and fear.

Asking the 'right' people for solutions is also important. 

To do this we would need the wisdom of God and listening ears. 

A problem shared they say is a problem solved but permit me to say that it depends on who the problem is shared with. 

Sharing is important but what is more important, is who it is shared with.

Become creative and innovative and learn to surround yourself with "like minds". 

Pride does truly go before a fall, so learn to ask for help, from the right people. 

Surround yourself with people who encourage you and who are interested in your success, because these are the people who will point you in the right direction, even when if it hurts to hear the truth.

The most important thing to do before and when challenges arise I believe is to pray to God and to praise Him. 

We seldom remember to do this because more often than not we are overwhelmed by our circumstances. 

But the answer to every problem, fear, doubt and cry lies with God. 

I believe that if we develop a habit of running to God first, our days would be better.

Hard times and challenges may come our way but when they do, let us remember we are not alone, that our attitude would determine when and how quickly we rise and that God is the ultimate solution to all our challenges/problems.

*If only I give heed to all my advices. Lol*

Feedbacks: Feel free to tell us what has helped you in weathering a particular "storm" in your life...we want to learn :).
Written by Faith Alfa


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