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27-01-2013 : A Niche is Created

Ping Ping.

I quickly scrolled through my Blackberry Messenger eager to read my “new gist”.

Alas it is a forwarded message from my friend, Lucy Wakawa (Advanced). 

Inviting me to register for an upcoming Bloggers Event.

As usual my old self who treasures sticking to my “comfort zone” rebelled.

It was sure the “event” will entail me meeting “unfamiliar” people and will probably place me in an environment that will be too new for my “semi-shy” self.

But the “new” ME spoke up and asked; “What is the worst thing that can happen? An unfamiliar environment won’t kill you".

So before the “old” Semira could come back battle ready, I quickly registered and that ushered me into a new and exciting Community called iBlog.

iBlog is a monthly networking event for bloggers powered by an innovative company, Omonaikee Media Company, which is owned by an equally innovative personality, Ms. Omonike Odi (Omonaikee).

The event which is the first of its kind in Abuja took place yesterday (27-01-2013) in a serene environment ( Juice Place 2, Funk Shui Lounge, Wuse 2).

And I had a great time. *tongue out to my “old” self*.

I got to meet intelligent and innovative people, who were willing to share their brand in a public domain.

People who knew the value of having a VOICE in a very noisy and sometimes overly busy World.

It was a mixture of variety ranging from Make-up Artists, Fashionistas, Lawyers, Political Analysts and Creative Writers.

The event began with a brief introduction of blogs by Individual bloggers.

That was a scary part for me, because I had to stand in front of everyone and talk about “Our Blog” (surprised the ground did not open up and swallow me).

We were also entertained by a song from the lovely Lady O (Omenesa Oruma Akomolafe) – Founder of Pearls International.

And of course what is an event without a skilled photographer to capture the moment? So Simi Vijay (Simi Vijay Photography) was in da house (making all of us look really pretty…hehehehe).

The highlight of the event was the interactive session with the Guest Speaker, in the person of Japheth Omojuwa.

Yels, that Japheth Omojuwa

The super duppa blogger Japheth Omojuwa (the blunt critic of the Nigerian governance structure, one of the minds and fingers behind "Occupy Nigeria Movement" and Arik Air warrior) was there to share some really insightful tips on blogging and online presence as a whole.

He talked about his role in Occupy Nigeria movement (his blog served as a hub for news during the "movement").

And his personal passion for "saving" Nigeria and public speaking.

Here is my favorite quote from him: 
"I think pretence is a waste of time except you are in a movie and my life is not a movie".

His "talk" opened a new mental door in my head and no smoozing here; I was truly inspired.

What started out as fun for me, has launched me into a "different" world.

And I am really glad I read the bbm message, took a tentative step out of my comfort zone, attended the event and most importantly met the lovely personalities behind these blogs am about to outline here.

Do check them out.

Meet my fellow ibloggers:

1)    Omonike Odi : (Short Stories, Writing and Convener of iBlog).

2)    Peace Ben Williams : (Fashion, Culture and Lifestyle).

3)    Dolapo Lucas – Odujole: (Beauty and Make-Up).

4)    Atabo Mohammed: (Politics, Arts and Writing).

5)    Ene Abah : (Adventure and Writing).

6)    Japheth Omojuwa : (Politics and Governance in Nigeria).

7)    Omenesa Oruma (Self Help, Motivation and Pearls International).

There were also other interesting “non-bloggers” in attendance and we all had a great time.

NB: For those who want to join "us", the event holds in Abuja every last Sunday of the month.

For more details visit:

See you on the other side.

*pictures coming soon.


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