Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Create a Life Plan by Michael Hyatt

In my journey through the Internet, I stumbled across a blog post on How to Create a Life Plan by Michael Hyatt (a renowned blogger on leadership and productivity and also the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a publishing Company in the U.S). 

I found the post really interesting and practical, and I strongly believe it will appeal to a lot of "planners" out there especially as the Year is fast coming to an end and 2013 beckons with its endless possibilities, no time like now to "plan", so enjoy:

Note: I would have obliged you with a complete outline of the post here but I think it is “sweeter” to go straight to the source (the link will take you directly to the post).

Now we will know those who read the post and those who didn't because my “opinion” will make very little sense to you if you skipped clicking on the link (no “shortcut” for this one *straight face*).

My Humble Opinion: I think this is a great article that reminds you of the need to live a life filled with purpose but on the other hand we get so carried away being the planner and director of our lives that we totally forget God.

Am speaking from experience; at the end of 2011, I had all my plans /goals for 2012 all figured out (which is a good thing, since groping in the dark is not a better alternative) but the flaw in my plan was that I had already made up my mind to "direct" how my goals were going to come to fruition and let's just say God showed me who the "Boss" is, in a kind way of course because I accomplished 90 percent of my goals (which am eternally grateful to God for) but I didn't do them "on my own". I had the goals in my head / written down but God had the final blueprint.

So in as much as this is a great article (which will come in handy as we plan for 2013), let's not forget to have this in mind: "We plan our steps but God directs our paths"

Make your life plan but refrain from trying to be the director of your life, let God do His work. This way you aren't being reactive (waiting for manna to fall from heaven) but even in your "proactive" state, you still know who the "Boss" is. 

With a "Life Plan", you clearly know what you want, where to invest your energy and what you need to do to get to your point of "optimization", but we must remember to include God in every single step we take in making our "Life Plan" a reality. 

Enjoy "designing" a beautiful 2013 and the rest of your life, if you so wish.

Some people may totally disagree with the usefulness of a short-term plan talk more of a Life Plan, as they believe it is best to relax and let destiny make things happen. 

So which category do you fall under; The Planner or The Destiny Believer? . As the popular saying goes; "Different Strokes for Different Folks", so feel free to share your diverse opinions.



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