Monday, January 28, 2013

The Power of Availability by Simon Onah

AVAILABILITY; a word loosely used in a number of occasions.


Avail-ABILITY has a way of magnifying one's potential when properly harnessed.

After Lebron James led America's dream team to gold in Beijing Olympics (2008), a common cart-pusher took him one-on-one in basket ball skills contest and defeated him.

He had more ability than Lebron but Lebron had availability, Lebron is known the cart-pusher is not.

You need to learn how to volunteer for “dirty” jobs, not because you are the under-dog but because you are developing your availability.

David would probably have remained a shepherd boy with a great personal story of facing a lion one-on-one, but nobody would have celebrated him if he had not dared to show up against Goliath.

It is possible that among the armies of Israel camped that day for battle where men who had more exploits under their belts than David.

They had more ability but failed to be available when it mattered most.

Ability is nothing without availability.

Do you have a great idea resting majestically in your head?

A great sung yet to be sung?

A great movie yet unscripted?

A great approach to Nigeria's power problem?

These are great nothings, and will remain so until they become available.

You must learn to show-up, dare to ask the question even if it may seem stupid; take the risk.

NB: This piece of thought was inspired by a friend who works in a “government” Institution but does not have the typical “mentality” of most common government workers. She leaves her Office much later than others and would never leave a task undone.

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