Saturday, January 19, 2013

Musings (episode one)

Dear Diary,

So I flew with Dana Air yesterday.

Yes, The Dana Air.

And despite general speculation, it was very smooth.

No bumps. No gallops. Nothing :).

So I guess its time to cut them some slack.

Yes, they made a huge mistake but who doesn't, really?

That could have happened to any airline.

It's really sad when you think about all the lives lost and how quickly the Airline was able to bounce back.

But the fact still remains that they are back and running.

Life really does go on #bittersweet.

And to add to it, they still have a lot of customers.

I mean the Air plane was full to the brim.

And there I was thinking, I and my colleague with maybe ten (10) or five (5) other customers will be the only people on the flight.

Assumptions. Assumptions.

Anyway, am not here as an advocate for Dana Air especially since they are not paying me.

Yels, #AjayiNoSalary :).

But I just had to share the fact that I used the "dreaded" Airline (for now) and it wasn't that bad :).

Diary Entry: 19-01-2013

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