Monday, February 18, 2013

Before I Die....

A friend of mine once posted a disturbing question on his bbm status:

What will your epitaph* say?

And my first reaction was "shooo, is this guy already planning his funeral"?.

But that was until I really sat down and thought about the question.

Really what will be written on your tombstone?

That simple yet disturbing (since no one wants to die) question defines your purpose on earth.

Its simply asks :

Why are you here?

What will be your story when you are gone?

What footprints will you leave on earth?

I, for one know I don't want a tombstone that will just read: " Semira T..., born..., died...".

To me that's a bit too bland.

I want my life to be a story and the only way I can tell my story is by making it news worthy even after my demise.

Death is inevitable, so before you think of drawing up that Will (which may seem extremely important right now), think of creating your own epitaph.

In a way, it will keep you going, because in preparing for the end, you have consciously decided to weave your our own life story.

I have a rough sketch of my epitaph (which I will gladly share with You if you ask me to) and subconsicously it gives me purpose; because I already have a goal I want to achieve before I leave.

So it's my turn to ask that seemingly disturbing question: What will YOUR epitaph say?

Beyonce's song I Was Here reminds me of all I have stated in this post.

So to wrap up my "sermon", here is I Was Here by Beyonce :).


*Epitaph: An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there.
Dare to leave your footprints on Earth


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