Monday, February 11, 2013

A New Phase Begins

In just a few days I will be a year old in the blogging World.

Precisely, the 23rd of February, 2013 will mark a year since the existence of Everyday Life With Tosyn.

A playful idea crafted out of my need to write and most importantly share ideas and articles that will leave a positive impression on my audience is gradually leaving its infancy phase.

So far, the journey has been good and I owe it all to God, He has been very very very faithful.


In light of the upcoming Anniversary, I will be introducing a new twist to Everyday Life With Tosyn.

In addition to the all encompassing purpose of the platform serving as an Inspirational hub, a new variety of posts will be added to appeal to my already existing and new audience.

These posts will focus on various topics ranging from music, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, charity causes, poetry, arts & creativity, events e.t.c.

Despite the diversity of these posts, they will all be geared toward serving the sole mission of my blog; that is: impacting knowledge and encouraging personal development and growth.

Every post will be geared toward leaving a positive imprint in the mind of its reader.

So just in case you lack the drive to delve into entrepreneurship , then the Guest of the Month posts will inspire you to test new waters.

Just in case you are keen on giving back to the Society and want an avenue to publicise or/ and become aware of such noble acts, then the posts on Charity Causes is just what you need.

Just in case you are clueless on how to match those awesome outfits in your wardrobe; then the Lifestyle  posts will inspire you to be fabulous.

Just in case you love music and crave being exposed to eclectic blends of new and old music, then the Music of the Week posts will appeal to you.

Are you an arts and creativity lover, then delve into the exploration of the art world.

Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to see the World through a different and most importantly positive point of view? Then indulge in digesting posts on inspirational articles, short stories, random musings and nuggets/quotes that will make you say "Life is Good".

As long as you will learn and gain a thing or two from each daily post (s) then I will keep dropping like its hot.

These are just a few of the blends you should be expecting very soon, others may come up as time goes by.

So feel free to delve into my new World.
As always, I am always opened to hearing from YOU, so feel free to drop your views in the comment box below. 


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