Saturday, February 2, 2013

Becoming Linda Ikeji

So someone in a "kind" way suggested that I become a clone of Linda Ikeji.

And although Linda is someone I can learn from and admire based on her ability to effectively engage her audience via her blog posts.

I simply don't want to be her.

And that's exactly what I told my well meaning "adviser".
Why would I want to be a clone of another person when I can be happily me? *confused face*.

Why would I want to amplify someone else's concept when I can adequately create mine? *triple confused face*.

I didn't get upset with my "adviser" because the person was just giving his two cents on how I can be more "popular".

Which raises the question: Am I blogging simply for popularity or because I have a "message" I want to share?.

The honest answer is I am here is to transfer at least a "nugget" of useful information, lesson and insight to whoever comes across my posts.

I want to share, share and keeping sharing meaningful yet witty information that can entertain YOU and at the same time give you insight on the subject matter being discussed.

It is also a two-way street because although am solely concerned about writing for my audience, the research and feedback also helps in increasing my knowledge base.

But then again:

What is the essence of a "message" if it can't be heard, right?.

So having an audience also plays a major role.

But I NEVER want to upload an "empty" post just for the sake of popularity.

I don't want to be a "clone" for the sake of popularity.

And even when I become "popular", I want to be popular for the right reasons, not because I copy/pasted someone else's idea.

I am ME and like I told my friend, I won't apologize for doing me#Gbam.

Linda Ikeji has successfully formed a wonderful niche for herself which is something I really admire.

And the fact is that there can't be two Linda Ikejis', just the same way there can't be two Bella Naijas'.

These people have worked hard in forging a niche that is uniquely theirs' and another person imitating them is just a "photocopy".

And like 9ice said in his song; " Photocopy ko easy, you can never be like me".

Although there are countless bloggers who have similar "concepts", yet what differentiates us is the ability to have a VOICE and not an amplification of some else's idea or concept.

So I'd rather forge my OWN niche which is uniquely ME.

Than become a CLONE.

But like I always say "different strokes for different folks";

So what are your thoughts: To be a "clone" or not to be "clone"?.

Those in support say "yayyyy"

Those not in support say "nayyyy"



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