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Guest of the Month : 26th September

I introduced the "Music of the Week" segment and the "Lifestyle" segment on the blog a while back.

Now I am bringing in another segment tagged "Guest of the Month".

Every month I will reveal a young and vibrant Entrepreneur or Trend Setter on this platform.

The aim?

To Inspire you to tread on new waters and also expose YOU to these young, talented and vibrant minds.

I sure do hope you enjoy the Journey :).

See my February Guest of the Month after the cut:

26th September is a fashion brand owned by two young and vibrant sisters; Ms. Temitope Olowoeyo and Ms. Bukola Olowoeyo. In this interview, Ms.Temitope Olowoeyo talks about the fashion brand, the journey so far, her driving force, among other things.

Enjoy and feel free to drop your questions and comments in the comment box below.


1) Brief description of yourself (background)?
Temitope Olowoeyo is a graduate of Biochemistry from Kogi State University, born in the mid 80s. I had my earlier years in Kaduna State in the Northern part of Nigeria, where I had always nursed the dream of designing. I did a lot of funny sketches and paintings on paper and on my face (lol) plus some needlecraft and then started paddling my Aunty's sewing machines in my early teenage years. The dream came to a halt when I was rounding up my Secondary school education, as my parents wanted me to be a doctor (smiles).

As fate will have it, I ended up studying biochemistry but on graduation, I knew I had to go for what makes me happy, so I enrolled in a makeup school and also in a tailoring centre during my service year and I saved my NYSC allowances towards starting my own business.
In 2012, I bagged a certificate in entrepreneurial management from the Entrepreneurial Development Centre of the Lagos Business School and also a certificate in Fashion designing from The Fashion Academy, Abuja.

2) How did 26th September start?
26th September started after the completion of my youth service, when I decided to partner with my sister, Bukky, who was also a trained fashion designer at that time.
The name 26th September was gotten from a merger of our birth dates: mine is 26th August and hers is 14th September, So 26th is from mine and SEPTEMBER is from hers .

3) What was it like at the take off phase?
Uhmnnn, the take off stage wasn't so easy o, started with employing one tailor, bought a few machines and shared shop space with a friend. I had to start telling people what we do, we made some free outfits for people, and offered free makeup services.
As you will expect, a lot of people did not believe in us, but we had to keep wearing our work (makeup and cloths), sooner than we thought, the convictions sky-rocketed. (smiles).


 4) How did you generate capital for the business?
Start up capital for the business was from our personal savings.

5) Where is 26th September today?
26th September is 8 years away from our vision, which is building an internationally accepted brand in the Nigerian fashion industry in 10 years.

6)Future aspirations?
To show our collection at the New York fashion week
To mentor upcoming entrepreneurs.

7) What are your sources of inspiration? 
Nature, colors and fabrics. 

8) How do you relax after a hard day's work?
Uhnnnn, I do movies or hang out with friends

9)Who is your role model?
Carl Lagerfeld and Elizabeth Hsieh

10) What is your perception about your industry as a whole?
The industry is very challenging, No dulling is allowed

11) Advise to upcoming Entrepreneurs especially those interested in your field?
I will say: Do your research, Be determined (because you will be faced with a lot of challenges that will discourage you), explore and be ready to learn more and more.

12) Your watchwords?
Whatever you find to do, do it well!!!!

Recap: I sure do hope we picked a thing or two from the Interview, Did you take note of her refusal to give up on her vision despite the challenges? Now that ought to inspire you yeah?

The pictures in the post are just a few samples of 26th September designs, if you are interested in getting having an outfit from the brand (just like me), feel free to contact them via:

Address: 26th SEPTEMBER: No 2, Kandi close, opp Hotel de Horizon, behind Skye bank opp Banex/Emab Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Mobile Nos.: 08188690772 / 08097019687

BB Pin: 279FC23E / 2684AD92

Twitter: @26thSept

Facebook: 26th september
Be Inspired 


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