Monday, February 4, 2013

Tomorrow by Mr. O

So you decided to read this article now?

Well, it is a good thing you did not wait until tomorrow. 

Tomorrow has always been my greatest enemy, ironically all I do everyday is for a better tomorrow. 

But then;

Tomorrow has made many potential great men, beggars on the street.

Tomorrow has left many dreams as "dreams", without a thing being done to bring them to fruition.

Tomorrow has made many talented people and great thinkers end up as paupers.

While some unlucky victims of this celebrated "tomorrow" are forever silent and six feet under with loads of ideas, visions and dreams that may have transformed the World today. 

It took me about Twenty One (21) tomorrows before I started writing this piece simply because i thought "tomorrow" (my greatest enemy and hope) would most definitely show up in morning after dark.

It also took me the sudden death of two bright and fun loving young men in an auto crash to give me a nudge and remind me that though tomorrow never dies, humans die.

Procrastination can take ideas on a light train round your head but it never gets beyond the four corners of your skull (well, that depends on the shape of your head ask Banky W)*lips sealed*. 

The smallest action is more valuable than the greatest dream ever. 

Dreaming is important but "doing" is indispensable for any achiever. 

Things would never be right today but neither would they be by tomorrow simply because today is the tomorrow we spoke so greatly of yesterday and yet nothing is perfect.

Ideas, dreams and visions that belong to a man of tomorrow is as good as a seed that remains in the store house of a farmer. Despite the seed's potency, the store house will remain its starting and finishing point and it will never get the opportunity to yield other seeds. 

Do the smallest thing about that idea or dream today, make the smallest move toward that one person you have been admiring for months now (it is a valentine something...*wink*).

Rome wasn't built in a day but then it wasn't built "tomorrow" either, it was gradual but it all started on a day that some people referred to as today.

Today I challenge you to get up and do something about that idea in your head. 

Erase the thought that you have all the time in the World - "I can get it done tomorrow". 

Tomorrow will surely come with a greater and clearer assurance of another tomorrow, that is how tomorrow gives birth to another tomorrow.

Be wise, most millionaires you see around are rich because they didn't wait for tomorrow, they chose one "today", not tomorrow, to start bringing that "idea" to fruition.

Tomorrow is a friendly foe that has the assurance of  being there the next day, but has no guarantee that you would be there.

Start by embracing "Today" and "Now" and let go of "Later" and " Tomorrow " in order to achieve a productive today and ironically a better "tomorrow".

Written by Mr. O


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