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March Guest of the Month: GRD Graphic Research Department

GRD Graphic Research Department is an innovative Design and Clothing Line Outfit co-owned by two young and vibrant Gentlemen; Jesse Yakubu and Williams Abrack Chechet aka Blackchild. In this interview, Blackchild shares his dreams, driving force and the brand with us.

Enjoy, be inspired and also don't forget to check them out, you will be very glad you did :):


Who is Blackchild?
I am the Co- Founder of GRD, from Kaduna State, born in Kano, my family moved to Kaduna in 1990. I am the first of five boys. I had my early education at Airforce Primary School, Kano and Kaduna, Federal Government College, Enugu and thereafter had my higher education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. 

I am an Artist/Graphic Designer and an Illustrator. I am currently the Creative Art Director of MI's Loopy Music Label.

Brief history of GRD, what the Company does and your Individual roles?

GRD Graphic Research Department is a design and clothing line outfit that was founded by my partner, Jesse Yakubu and I, in 2005. We met in School (ABU Zaria), just as friends who shared a common passion for art and design. 

Down the line, he invited me to work with him on a design project for a program tagged  "GRA" Gospel Rap Affair. We hit it off and after that we began making posters for students in school and that was how GRD was born.

After working together for a short while, we decided to include merchandising which I have always had  a passion for (i.e. using Tee-shirts as medium to show our Art).
So, GRD is basically a Graphic Design Outfit where we handle branding art toward a creative direction. We have a clothing line since clothing is our preferred canvas for projecting our art work. We are also highly influenced by the urban culture; ranging from music to graffiti.

Why Graphic Design?

Well, I stumbled upon Graphic Design in my fourth year in School while I was studying Building Engineering. At the time I wasn't really fulfilled with what I was studying (I have always had a thing for creativity). 

As a child, I always had the urge to draw on whatever piece of paper I could find and I have always loved drawing. So even while I was studying Building Engineering, I was also trying to get a transfer to the Fine Arts Department of my University, but I was told it wasn't possible. 

But that did not deter me, I still forged ahead; honing my skills.

During one of the academic strikes in school, I discovered my main passion was for Computer Graphics. I took a bold step and decided to apply for a Diploma Program in Graphic Design.

I completed the Diploma Program and gained admission into the Industrial Design Department (A.B.U, Zaria), where I majored in Graphics.

Summary of jobs carried out by GRD
So far we have worked with mostly the entertainment industry, here are a few of the jobs we have carried out:

The Faculty 1st semester cover art / poster and tee-shirts.

 -MI Abaga's Illegal music mix tapes cover art 2

Kahli Abdu's Ministry of Corruption Mix tape
Kahli Abdu's Rebel Music Cover Art

Tees for for Ice Prince's Aboki single

-MI Abaga's "Chairman" sleeve design (Done recently).
-Graphics for MI's website miabaga.com etc.

Celebrities that have rocked your brand? 
A number of celebrities have worn our products from Praiz, Shank, Brymo, Five mics, Wizkid, Skales, Jesse Jagz, Ruby Gyang, Pherowshuz, The Faculty, Threadstone and a couple of OAPs like Ibrahim 'Captain Quest' Suleiman, Gyang, ChiChinatty, the list goes on :). 


What do you presently do asides from working for Loopy Music?
Well, I basically just focus on GRD at my spare time, currently working on promoting the brand in Lagos. I also carry out Consultancy jobs in my area of specialisation too.

Where you see yourself and the brand in 5 years? 
I dream of us successfully pushing the GRD brand internationally, competing with other big brands and  making GRD a multi-disciplinary outfit: branding and providing services for big outfits in Nigeria and Abroad.

What inspires you?

God first, for giving me the gift of life to do what am doing and being one of the best.My family and friends inspire me. Music also plays a huge role too. 

Dream but don't sleep.

Advise to the younger Generation

Be passionate in whatever you do and put in hard work then leave the rest to God.


Do I really need to say more, the pictures and story above have done all the "talking", but of course, I must add my own jara...hehehehehe

My Jara (addition): 
GRD art works are truly original and very creative. The brand's trademark "panda" has earned them a lot of accolades from their growing fan base (inclusive of moi *broad smile*).

Also, Blackchild's determination to follow his passion really appealed to me; I honestly think it takes a lot build up oneself from the scratch in the pursuit of fulfilment.

What do you think?

If you want to be a part of the action, feel free to contact the duo via the following:

Facebook- Williams Blackchild Chechet
Google plus-- Williams Chechet
Twitter-- @blackchildbc@GRDdesignlab
Instagram-- blackchildbc_grd, grddesignlab
Email -- blackchildgrd@gmail.com

Be Inspired


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