Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Musings #3

Some people eat when they have a lot on their minds, others drink, smoke or indulge in anything that will take their minds off reality.

Me, I simply write it away; I just pour out everything on a piece of paper, exhale, raise my head up and keep moving.

Tonight was one of those nights and after scribbling and scribbling away, a small thought crept into my head to read Psalm 27.

So I abandoned my "tools" (pen and paper) and read the chapter.

And that is the best thing I did today because my writing dam have been dry for some days now and I have been thinking of what to share with my audience.

Alas I get the perfect message to share just by listening to that tiny voice in my head :).

I really cannot think of anything better to share right now than God's reaffirmation of His love and unending grace which is clearly evident in this Chapter (Psalm 27).

A Prayer of Praise 
1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; 
I will fear no one. 
The LORD protects me from all danger; 
I will never be afraid.

2 When evil people attack me and try to kill me, 
they stumble and fall.

3 Even if a whole army surrounds me, 
I will not be afraid; 
even if enemies attack me, 
I will still trust God.

4 I have asked the LORD for one thing; 
one thing only do I want: 
to live in the LORD's house all my life, 
to marvel there at his goodness, 
and to ask for his guidance.

5 In times of trouble he will shelter me; 
he will keep me safe in his Temple 
and make me secure on a high rock.

6 So I will triumph over my enemies around me. 
With shouts of joy I will offer sacrifices in his Temple; 
I will sing, I will praise the LORD.

7 Hear me, LORD, when I call to you! 
Be merciful and answer me!

8 When you said, “Come worship me,” 
I answered, “I will come, LORD.”

9 Don't hide yourself from me! 
Don't be angry with me; 
don't turn your servant away. 
You have been my help; 
don't leave me, don't abandon me, 
O God, my savior.

10 My father and mother may abandon me, 
but the LORD will take care of me.

11 Teach me, LORD, what you want me to do, 
and lead me along a safe path, 
because I have many enemies.

12 Don't abandon me to my enemies, 
who attack me with lies and threats.

13 I know that I will live to see 
the LORD's goodness in this present life.

14 Trust in the LORD. 
Have faith, do not despair. 
Trust in the LORD.

Hold on to His promises as you have a blissful and productive week ahead.



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