Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Music of the Week: Diallo by Wyclef Jean

I was out chilling with some friends a while back and mid way into the azonto-etighi-alingo movements on the dance floor, the DJ suddenly started playing Diallo by Wyclef Jean and despite its slow tune, it quickly took everyone down memory lane. 

Virtually everyone was singing along and it felt really good remembering those good ol' days of lyric books ( a twenty page or less publication of lyrics *sometimes right, sometimes wrong* of hit songs).

The hours spent perusing this book and the happiness one feels when you are able to perfectly sing along when the song is being played. Another option then was running your Walkman / Discman battery down while re-winding the tape / cd until you hear every single word, lol...thank God for technology.

Music was one of those things that brought I and my school mates together and Diallo by Wyclef Jean was one of those songs we loved.

Enjoy as you take a drive down memory lane :)

NB: Although the song was popular, most people may still not know the sad story behind the song. Click on the link below to learn about the story behind the song:

Question: Was the trial fair or did the offending Officers deserve a stiffer sentence?   

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