Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hard Work Vs Easy Money

I recently read in one of our National Newspapers that the outcome of a survey showed that Youths in this generation have little or no appreciation for hard work and will gladly choose easy money over working hard to earn money.

I think that is really sad.

Call me "old school" or a stickler for hard work and sweat.

But my principle in life has always been "go out there and work for it, if you can get it yourself, why wait for some else to do it for you".

If you can afford to save your salary and get a nice little dainty car that moves without spurting out exhaust, then why wait for someone to come along and buy you a range rover, bearing in mind that you will most likely be "cab and bus hopping" while waiting for this Messiah?.

Don't get me wrong, I like alllllll the good things in life but then I can't understand why one will dwell in the illusion that all these things will fall from heaven!!!!!.

Wake up.

Even if everything gets handed down to you, you know that "arab money movement", you will never feel the same way you would feel if you knew you worked hard for those things and deserve every single bit of it.

Obviously, from my monologue, you would have correctly surmised that I can't stand laziness.

Yes, you don't have to be a workaholic. But you also don't have to be a dreamer; building castles in your head while you are content drinking "ijebu garri" in reality and not moving at least one of your fingers to turn things around.

Once again I say wake up.

I try my best not to judge people who do "runz", like really who are we to judge; "just because we don't commit the same sin doesn't mean its not still sin".

But really if the alhaji pursuing-alhaji getting life works for you then do it wisely.

Why obtain millions from a "paymaster", just to spend it all on a range rover, while your self-contain room can barely contain a king-size bed and your poor mother still sells okpa on the road side.

Are you a learner?

What I am simply trying to say is "work hard" (bearing in mind that work may mean different things to different people) and then use this hard earned money WISELY to make your life better instead of waiting for manna from heaven.

I honestly do think that if we, as a Nation, embrace the benefit of hard work and honest living, this country (Nigeria) and the World as a whole will be better place.

A place without fast guys trying to make it big no matter what.

A place without young and beautiful ladies leaving their homes to come to Abuja in search for "paymasters".

A place where people will relish the satisfaction from looking at their possessions proudly and saying "I earned that", instead of "I looted that".

Call me naïve for thinking this way.

But that is how I see life and for me, seeing and living life that way has worked out perfectly for me.

Of course I didn't come to Abuja to "snap picture" but neither did I come to obtain easy money. 

Through the sweat and the long hours in the Office, I can smile and say "I earned that".

Can you?

Quick Question: What is your take on easy money? I am willing to explore different opinions, besides it's "different strokes for different folks".


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