Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Second Chance; To Use or Not to Use

"When we know the end is near, we want to survive, jump at opportunities and explore. It is in the idea of impending death (or deprivation of freedom) that one decides to live. And that, truly, is the great irony of life".

The quote above reminds me of an edition of American Gangster that focused on a gangster or should I say former gangster; Guy Thomas Fisher.

A convicted racketeer who was once part of "The Council", a notorious African-American crime organisation that controlled the heroin trade in Harlem from 1972-1983.

He had it all; money, women and power.

Or so he thought until...

After several encounters with the law he was finally betrayed by his mentor and got incarcerated (life in prison without eligibility for parole).

One would think this major setback would mark the end of Guy Fisher.

But it actually did the opposite.

Instead he went on to earn his PhD in sociology while in prison and also wrote several books.

He turned his life around and became an inspiration to other prisoners.

Although it is sad that we rarely get that "wake up" call until we are virtually down to nothing, but as the saying goes "better late than never" yeah?

Even though he is still in prison (the physical sense of it), he is free, despite the shackles, and he is finally living.

Guy T. Fisher serves as a real example of life's second chance and what we choose to do with it.

He also serves as a reminder of how often we take life and freedom for granted:

Never exploring opportunities.

Never going the extra mile to achieve our dreams.

Never paying much attention to how you were put on earth to add positive meaning.

Until the final bell chimes...

Some get lucky and get second chances.

Some don't.

The question is what are you going to do with NOW? Are you going to waste it or invest in it?

As always, the ball is in our courts.

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