Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Take It Off

The world has taught us to only celebrate joy and the brighter life but it never teaches you how to embrace pain, accept pain as a transition tool and how to go through pain.

Everyone is predisposed to say “cheese” when taking pictures even if deep inside a war wages; threatening to tear them apart.

We have our societal masks always in place; ready to show everyone everything is perfect when we all know perfection is only an illusion.

And living this way stops us from seeing the lessons attached to pain.

I used to be that way, live in denial that life will always be rosy and am not saying I am a cynic now; I just have a better understanding of reality.

I know what it means to rain and rain really hard and I also know how to go through drought and feel the cracks in your soul; wondering when the rain will fall again; watching the skies with anticipation and hope.

I know what it means to have and not to have.

I know what it means to smile from the depth of my heart and cry from the depth of my soul; rendered with anguish and despair.

I know all that now.

Yes I have been broken, exposed to harsh sunlight but do you know what all these harsh conditions did to me?

It made me grow.

I grew in resilience, patience, faith, perseverance and gratitude.

I was able to take my eyes off my “me” mode and see the world as it is; a place filled with pain and at the same time rays of sunshine.

I learnt to see life as seasons: a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to have plenty and a time to have nothing.

I got rid of my MASK; I cried when I felt the pain, I stood up when I had the strength with my tear streaked face and carried on with life.

I am not ashamed of my scars.

I don’t regret my lessons.

I am thankful for them for they made me who I am now.

They made me stronger.

Don’t be afraid to feel the pain. Don’t be afraid to be imperfect but never be comfortable in both positions.

When the pain lessens, ask yourself what did this experience teach me? Always learn from every situation you emerge from. Make it useful.

When you feel imperfect, ask yourself what makes you uniquely you, never underestimate any talent you have, focus on them and cultivate them. Watch them grow and before you know it you would actually see you are not as flawed as you thought you were.

Life is all about perspective; we see what we want to see. Choose to see the good in every scar, every pain, and every rejection. Use it.

Yes, you can.

Take off that mask, see who you really are and love you just the way you are.

Feedback: Life is a journey so I always want to learn and am sure my readers want to do same, so please drop your comments below.




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