Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hidden Clues

Just the other day, I failed to adjust my side mirrors before setting out and half way through my journey, I noticed my right side mirror wasn't set right so I put on my multitasking cap and proceeded to adjust my mirror while driving; obviously one task had to take precedence, so I did not realize that I had set the adjuster wrongly and kept on clicking and adjusting (messing up) my left side mirror while staring from time to time at my right side mirror. 

Obviously, I wasn't seeing any change and I began to worry; thinking of the time that I may have to spend trying to get it fixed since I assumed it refused to budge because it was broken but alas I decided to quickly glance at the adjuster and then realized it was set wrongly. With a sigh of relief, I went on to place it in the right place and adjusted the mirror.

By now you must be wondering why Semira would come here just to tell you about her side mirrors; but do you know seemingly mundane events can also be a reminder of simple life lessons? So this is not just a story about my side mirrors; there is more:

Timing: Ideally I was supposed to adjust my mirrors before setting out but in my haste I failed to do the right thing and simply set out, until half way through when I noticed my mirror wasn't placed right and proceeded to do it while driving (Disclaimer: FRSC Officers reading this; Juwon included, It was a one-off event o!!!). 

Life Lesson: Sometimes in our haste to get to a certain point in our lives we fail to first fix somethings that would make our journey easier maybe it means getting a higher degree for that job you are aiming for, maybe it is spending time to develop yourself as an individual before seeking that ideal relationship or maybe it is simply taking the time to read about a company and prepare properly before going for that interview (so you don't end up blaming your ancestors when they say NO to you). Sometimes we tend to actually place the cart before the horse; I should know I am guilty too :) 

Method / Tool: Although I was using the right tool, I was using it the wrong way and thus could not get the required result. Yes, I was pressing the button but I was pressing it while fixed in the wrong direction. 

Life Lesson:  Have you tried doing something over and over again and in your mind you are certain you have all the right things in place but for some reason it just never seem to work, at this point maybe it is time to pause and check your "tools" and "methods": Do you have the required skills to land that job? Are you mentally and emotionally ready to handle a healthy relationship? Are there areas to tweak and possibly totally switch to get that desired result? 

We sometimes get frustrated when doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get a different result; maybe just maybe it is time to make a little adjustment like shifting that knob from left to right.

Perspective: Remember what saved me from repeatedly clicking on the wrong button? A quick glance. In the midst of the frustration, I decided to use my sight and that showed me what I was doing wrongly and led me on my path of victory (eureka!!!).

Life Lesson: Above trying a different method or tool; our view on life can largely mar or make us - sometimes what we really need in the moment of frustrated efforts is to take a LOOK; if you are like me and do not have a 20/20 vision, don't worry I am not referring to your eyes per say, I am referring to your views on certain things; you know that 'wall" you keep calling white maybe just maybe it is actually gray - have you tried letting go of your need to be right and really just take a look and make the necessary adjustments to get your desired result? 

Just a quick glace may show you what you are doing wrong and provide respite from your frustrated efforts. True? 

Now you see why I had to write about my side mirrors; like I said earlier seemingly mundane events sometimes reminds us of what life tries to point out to us. Indeed, nothing is totally useless.

Feel free to share how a seemingly "unimportant" event has led you to a deeper realization? 

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