Friday, February 24, 2012


Just heard the sad news of a friend's death...Shehu Folmi Mutashi aka Lapasky.

And it instantly took me down memory lane,back to my university days and when i first met Lapasky (as we fondly call him),we were both in the same department and although he was a year ahead of me,there was just one instant connection between us and the fact that people used to say we look alike made it last longer.

He was one of those go lucky dudes, who never had a worry in life...he really just lived for the moment despite his genotype (SS), that is the Lapasky i knew:-). He took me under his wings and because of his little frame, i used to tease him and call him "my lil brother".

Unfortunately, the events of life created a void between us, because soon after he left the university,we stopped keeping in touch regularly except the occassional texts and calls which eventually came to a stop. 

So, you can imagine my shock and deep sadness when i got the news of his death on first reaction was, No!!!,this must be a joke and then it sank in,life is indeed fragile and we have lost another wonderful soul on earth :-(.

It really got me thinking and re-evaluating how i take my friends for granted, especially when it comes to keeping in touch because i just assume all my loved ones have "immortal souls" and thus, can't die...silly huh? but that how 99% of us view life and sadly life is not like is fragile.

So, i have deceided to make some changes in my life (not your usually New Year Resolution) but from now on:-
I will hold my loved ones close to my heart and treasure every special moment life has granted us.

I will ignore anything that tries to steal my joy for even one second because one second of one's life counts.

I will live a life free of energy draining thoughts and dwell on ideas and things that will feed my soul and have a positive and lasting effect on people around me - no time for frivilious issues and people.

Yes, it is time to value my life and the lives of everyone around me.
I choose to love till it hurts and smile till my face hurts.
Life is Good and all we can do for those that have left us is pray that they find eternal rest (God knows best).

One love Lapasky, you live on in my mind.


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