Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Age


Whenever i get to use the internet especially search engines like "google" to search for answers or get more info on a research topic, i get amazed and wonder how our forefathers survived without "Technology".

Its amazing how you can just type in "what is the meaning of blogger?", for example and several answers just pop up...feeding your brain with more info than you even asked for (Ajayi no

But its great especially for people like me, who are always eager and looking for more knowledge (yes, am an "Oliver Twist" for knowledge...i always want to learn something new every single day).

But like every good thing, there is always a side effect and in recent times, i have found out that although the World is presently a "Global Village", human interaction is getting more impersonal and distant, the power of face to face communication has been swept under the carpet. Instead people prefer "texting, chatting, tweeting" e.t.c which in some ways shields the connection we all get when we can physically see the gestures and facial expressions of people we are talking to.

One of my friends aptly put it by saying "people type "lol" (laugh out loud) when in reality the person's face is as straight as a (yes, i laughed when i typed that).

I am a guilty party of this trend but i want to bring a little of the "old school" communication mode back into my life. I have decided that even if i chat and tweet with my friends all day, i will make out time to sit down with them and have a "meaningful" conversation once in a while, a conversation where we can all see ourselves laugh (for real) and get more info just by the gestures and facial expressions we emit.

Technology rules but we can also learn how to use it, instead of letting it use us.

Lets make good use of the connectivity technology has provided by actually "connecting"



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