Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr. Capable

Scribbled this "article" while taking in the view fro Kaduna-Abuja road recently and what kept going through my mind was "God is definitely an awesome artist" and the World as a whole is beautiful, all it takes to see this “beauty” is an appreciation of all those little things we take for granted...things like; that breathtaking view of sunset, the "sense of vitality" you get from seeing a wide spread of greenery e.t.c. 

While i was still absorbing the beauty of the "World" (Kaduna/Abuja road to be I thought about how my faith waver sometimes despite my recognition of God's awesomeness. 

So, i quickly scribbled my thoughts reaffirming my faith in God and as usual, I want to share my thoughts with YOU.


Looking for a "HEALER":             
He healed thousands.

Looking for a "MAGICIAN":          
He raised the dead.

Looking for "CREATIVITY":      
He created the Earth and all its breathtaking landscapes.

Looking for "INSPIRATION":    
He gave men the ability to write the greatest book of 
all time (The Bible).

Looking for "SUSTENANCE": 
He fed a multitude from close to nothing.

Looking for a "CHILD":            
He built a Nation from a barren woman.

and yet YOU still doubt GOD...too bad :).

If He can do all these and more, how great are your problems that God can't solve them, like really? *raise eyebrow*.

He is ABLE, all you need to do is just talk to him (i know this firsthand).

He always listens and will give us abundantly more than we can ever imagine at His own time.


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