Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Did I Get Married

Just saw this article on Bella Naija. It took a closer look at guys who took the “bold” step into marriage and why they did. They (husbands) also talked about their courtship and why they took the decision to spend the rest of their lives with their wives. I read through it and a particular couple caught my eyes…from the guy’s story, its obvious they are good friends asides being husband and wife, which I think is very admirable especially since its common place to see people marrying for the wrong reasons.

Oh well, “to each his own” yeah.

Below is the story of my “favorite” couple, enjoy:  

Taiwo & Chiz Peters

Taiwo Peters is a Lagos based lawyer who is a father of two has been married for 5 yrs.

How did you meet your wife?
Chiz and I were introduced at a mutual friend’s get together in July 2003. Our friend was going through a match-making phase and decided she would pair up her different friends. I don’t usually go for such things but I decided to humour her nonetheless. I was actually supposed to meet another friend of hers but she never showed, likewise for Chiz (thank God!). So, we were both on the “waiting table” and we started talking and before you knew it, it was time for everyone to go. Because of how we met and how stubborn I could be, I immediately told myself that I wasn’t going to follow it up but as soon as I got home, I found myself sending a text message to make sure she was okay (or so I told myself).

When did you know she was The ONE?
The truth is that Chiz struck a chord with me from day one but I knew she was “the one” precisely two weeks after we started dating on the 12th of January, 2004. I actually sent her a text telling her how I felt (I told her I loved her) and she was kind enough not to laugh in my face when next we saw. Needless to say, she put that bold statement to the test till I earned her trust and confidence.

Why did you get married?
I got married because quite frankly I was sick and tired of dropping her back home at her parent’s house. Whenever it was time for her to go home, we would always quarrel (which was a sneaky way to get more time with her; half bread and all that) and she would always end up getting home late. But more than that, I knew 100 per cent that I could never ever find someone as loving, funny, intelligent, hard-working, stylish, classy, sexy, God-fearing (to name just a few of her qualities) if I tried. In addition, she is as real as they come and does not have one pretentious bone in her body. Finally, I knew how much I needed her in my life. I don’t need many people in my life outside my family and close friends and I wasn’t particularly looking to add to my list, but knew I needed this lady.

What has changed for you since you got married?
Well, she doesn’t go home anymore for a start! So that is great (especially when we argue!). Apart from that nothing else has really changed. I knew two weeks after we started dating that I would spend the rest of my life with her (if she would have me) and I treated her like my wife in every ramification. We dated for four years before we got married, so there was little that could change apart from the “license” from God to “do and undo”. We have been blessed with two children so we are grateful to God that we have responsibly put that license to good use.

Tell us one thing you discovered since you got married that you wish someone had told you before now?
I went into marriage with my eyes wide open and with zero childish notions so I cannot say I have been surprised or had a “why didn’t anyone tell me” moment. No matter what, I will always love her and I was fully aware that there would be tough times to go with the good times. We have had our share of both but because we are friends first we always find a way through with God as our foundation.

Where would you like to be stuck with alone with your wife?
The location wouldn’t matter and that’s the God honest truth! We have a blast at home in front of the TV just as well as when we are on vacation abroad. So long as we are together, we would always make the most of where we are. We are partial to the cold though so anywhere with a cool temperature would be excellent.

Culled from Bella Naija 


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