Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ideas come to people differently and at different times. I have come to realise that my brain gets "overcharged" when am doing mundane things like household chores, browsing through pictures e.t.c.

So i wasn't surprised when my brain "started showing itself" as i was doing my laundry this morning (Saturday) and i quickly grabbed my "tool" (my phone in this case) to turn my thoughts into words, which translates to:

Why do i write?
Why do i have a blog?

People write for different reasons; some to make a living, some because its part of their job description and some just for the fun of it.

Well, i write for the following basic reasons:

1) I loooovvvveee writing; there is a certain release and clarity i get when i pen down ideas...its like me having a conversation with my pen and paper or in most cases my keyboard or keypad. I sometimes compare it to "orgasm" (now don't get too sexual, i simply mean the "satisfaction" i get when am done writing. That's why am not really concerned if people compliment or comment on my write-ups (of course that feels good but that's not the "ultimate" because i do it (write) for me, that is my primary reason.

2) I write "publicly" because i feel it would be "selfish" of me to keep ideas or my point of view concerning certain subjects to me, there is always love in SHARING. When i write, i just pray one person can eventually go through my blog and learn something from my "mundane rantings" and the little experiences have passed through in life.

3) I want to infect people with "positivity". i used to be a very sad and negative person (confession :) ), but with God's grace and "self-therapy", i overcame the "struggle", now am as happy as one can be in this complicated world, i see things differently and i have learnt how to appreciate and savour every second i get in life. So, when i write i want to bring "sunshine and hope" to someone out there going through that phase i went through and that's why i end most of my posts with "smile".

So, my "saturday musing" has been completed and have reached my writing "climax" today.

And have also answered a question that defines the basic existence of my blog.

Now back to my chores.

Smile my dear readers. Life only gets better.


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