Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dream Weavers

As we grow older, certain words come into play in our lives; such as : Comfort Zones (the inability to try out something totally new or different from your normal everyday routine), and Fear (the increased sensitivity to failure or outright downplay of our Individual strengths). 

We get so engrossed with what the Society expects from us, people's opinion especially concerning our capabilities. 

What happened to those carefree days? When we were fearless enough to try riding a bicycle with or without a helmet, When we could stand up, dust ourselves up after eating "dust" and try again and again until we master the craft of bicycle riding.

When did fear start to take precedence in our lives? For me, I think I became conscious of fear when I ventured into the wider world; filled with responsibilities and away from the safe haven that was lovingly provided by my mum (yels, I am was her baby). Now I have to think of being a strong and self-sufficient woman which entails making the right decisions and sometimes being toooo careful.

I think we all secretly yearn for those responsibility free-fearless-don't give a hoot about societal opinion days. When we can try out new ideas boldly without being held back by the fear of failure and venture out of our sometimes boring Comfort Zones and FEEL LIFE

On rare occasions, I come across people I like to call "dream weavers"; people who know what they want and are not limited by fear in getting it, no matter the number of times they fall / fail, they just keep getting up and trying again and again. 

Such people are a breath of fresh air but I keep wondering where they get their strength from *thinking*, abi did God use a different kind of clay in creating them *thinking more*...:).

So I want to know, please tell me, all ye fearless ones :). how did you break free from the chains of fear and comfort zones? what keeps your blood pumping?...we want to know :).


  1. For me,god dint use a special clay..... Is just mere determination.... I must make it,I must survive.... And with God

  2. Sometimes our fears are as a result of our upbringing, societal influence or religious teachings but there's nothing bad in taking a calculated risk. If u re sure of what u re about to do y not give it a trial? Afterall if u fail to try then u re trying to fail, fear of unknown is normal cos life decisions are to b taken carefully

  3. You loose your fears when your dreams become greater than your fears..beautyful and candid piece..keep eem coming.

  4. Thanks y'all (Dream Weavers) for your comments :)...Determination and Demystification of our Fears is the Watchword I guess.


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