Friday, September 7, 2012


Another article from the archive of Ms. Faith Alfa.

Enjoy :) :

I saw a Blackberry display message a while back that had something to do with Friendship, it made mention of different types of friends;
  • There are usually those who will tell you the truth no matter how badly it will hurt.
  • There are those who will always tell you what you wanna hear (whether its the truth or not) and;
  • There are those who try to 'balance' it out. 

So which would you rather have and which would you rather be? You know with 'truth' sometimes comes 'bitterness' (but the right perspective of things) and when we make people tell us what we wanna hear, we invariably turn them to liars and the lies we hear, may end up causing us to walk into 'life's ditches'. 

And there is the "finding balance" people who mix both, and so seem diplomatic but then with these ones you almost never really know when to listen to them and when not to. 

So which are you up for? The Truth tellers, the Ones who speak to soothe your heart or the Ones who find a balance?

Semira's Reply (Moi) : Please give me the "Truth Tellers" anytime, any day. It may hurt when it being done but eventually these are the people and memories stored up / engraved in my mind's "walk of fame" (never to be erased for saving my a** from that mess I may have blindly walked into :) ).  Besides there is a saying; “Only your true friend tells you when your face is dirty”.

Different strokes for different folks though, so what is your preference?. Please tell :).

Written by Ms. Faith Alfa (Guest Writer) 


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