Monday, February 11, 2013

A Book Unread

Sometimes we unconsciously categorise and even judge people before  knowing them.

You may meet a stranger and immediately your mind places the Individual in a mental box.

Based on your mood and the first impression you get; this mental box may be a black box (negative) or a white box (positive).

Most times this mental activity is  just based on frivolous things, such as; material possessions, looks or even random gist we have heard from other people concerning the Individual.

The sad thing about this is that most of us just end it there; we never take the time to really get to know the person.

We really never get to discard that box.

We really never get to read the content of that book.

We just place the person in a box (good or bad) and move on.

And the truth is that we are all guilty of this subconscious activity.

But sometimes it really pays to discard that box by really getting to know the in-depth substance of that Individual.

You will be surprised at what you will find.

Just like I did recently.

I met someone who I had subconsciously placed in a box; good or bad, I won't say :).

But the fact still remains that I left the book unread until we decided to meet up and really talk.

And oh I was so wrong!!!.

Instead of meeting an obnoxious person (which one would expect with the Individual's level of exposure), I met a genuine person.

Someone who is not afraid to be original and say things as it is while being kind about it.

Someone I could and will learn from.

Where I expected tension and nervousness, I found ease and comfort.

Where I expected aloofness, I found genuine interest.

All these would have eluded me if I hadn't taken time out to read this book.

This wonderful book titled; Japheth Omojuwa.


So if I am asked to give my two cents advise; I would advise YOU to take a step further by opening that book.

Get to see what lies beneath what your eyes can see.

You will never know what you will find.

Besides; there must be a reason diamonds are buried deep down in the earth.

Sometimes, you really do need to dig deeper to find that diamond.

So go on and read that book today.

You will never know what you will find until you dig.

I always want to learn from YOU, so feel free to gist me about your own experience with unread books.



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