Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I used to be Sad

I am strongly of the opinion that; Knowledge / Experience hoarded is equivalent to not having that Knowledge / Experience in the first place.

So I wrote this piece with the hope that someone out there will read it, identify with where I was and smile; knowing  that tomorrow  will be much better if you choose to work hard at it.

I also want YOU to share in my perfect imperfect journey through life and enjoy every bit of it as I am :).

Like the title reads; I used to be sad!!!

Yes, that is absolutely right.

I used to be sad, like really sad.

I saw the World in a very dark and gloomy way.

It was so bad that I actually got tired of being sad.

I was just so pissed off at sadness.

And the worst thing was that I just couldn't bring myself to do anything about it.


My 25th birthday, which was not wayyyyyy back (for those who are trying to calculate).

That was the time I had a genuine conversation with myself.

I knew I was tired of the gloom and I had to devise a way out of it.

So I started the journey that gave birth to a lot of new experiences in my life, inclusive of the creation of my blog. 

I gathered all the Self-help Books I could lay my hands on and read (shamefully, since I used to view Self-help Books as a waste of time).

I re-established my already swaying relationship with God.

And I must add that although I may not be your typical church-going-bible-hugging Christian (no offence), I still totally owe all that I am and all I will be to Him.

His grace is the greatest asset I have #Gbam.

Moving on....

After reinforcing myself with all these tools.

I had to do the most critical and honestly the most difficult task:

Change my thought pattern.

It was and sometimes is still a task (struggling with negativity and positivity).

But each day I strive harder.

And with each little progress I make; I give myself a small pat on the back and forge ahead.

I may not be where I want to be yet but am not where I was yesterday.

Which is all that matters yeah?

I am a work in progress and I am not ashamed to say so because being perfect means there is no room for improvement or "adventures" and what would life be without those?

So yes, I used to be Sad but now the World holds greater Treasures for me.

Treasures that can also be accessed by you too.

Life may try to hit you in different directions; up, down and side-ways, but what matters is how fast you get up, dust yourself up and move on.

Life is good, be inspired.


It is always a pleasure hearing from YOU.



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