Monday, February 25, 2013


"My goodness!"
"What a majestic sight!"
"It’s too real to be true. Unbelievable!"

These were just some of the exclamations that greeted the new sculpture recently unveiled at the Palace. The King’s guests were so taken in; they demanded to see the 'angel' that could create such a beauty.

Young Michelangelo was ushered into their royal presence and  they all threw endless questions at the young man; who took a rough piece of marble and turned it to a sculpture fit for the King’s Palace.

On that fateful day, Michelangelo’s humble response was;

“The Eagle has always been inside that marble; I only liberated it.” 

The Royal Court was silent as they pondered on the wisdom of the saying. For in truth, the marble ought to have been thrown away until he interceded and turned it to the beauty it became.

Lesson: Life hands us a lump of marble and requires us to liberate the exquisite figure hidden inside. You are the architect of your fate. Your finished product depends not on the quantity of the marble handed to you, but more on your ability to see what lies within that mass and your patience in crafting out the masterpiece the World will cherish.

There is a YOU in you that has not been seen yet. A YOU unknown to your family, friends, colleagues or boss. A YOU waiting to be liberated. 

Your lump may be twisted and ready to be rejected as a mess, but that is not what is important , what is important is the outcome of your finished product. 

Question: Have you liberated that Eagle inside you; eagerly waiting to soar high? 

Be Inspired

Written by Simon Onah 

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