Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vlisco Women's Month 2013 : Be Your Dream

The 8th of March 2013 is International Women’s Day. Worldwide Women are honoured and shown respect for their immense achievements. 

Vlisco feels women should remain in the spotlight for longer than just one day and in 2013 they are celebrating inspiring women, throughout West and Central Africa, for one whole Month. 

This year Vlisco's theme is BE YOUR DREAM, to celebrate successful women who have made their dreams come true. 

See more details after the cut:

Vlisco has selected several inspiring women as nominees to win the unique Vlisco Women’s Month BE YOUR DREAM Award. 

The Public will vote for the Woman who inspires them the most and stand a chance to be winners themselves, with prizes such as VIP tickets to the BE YOUR DREAM award night and tailor-made Vlisco dresses. 

The celebrations does not end there; Vlisco aims to support ambitious Designers and Tailors who have bigger dreams of success but need some support. By sending in a business plan of their dream, they have an opportunity to win funding to make their dreams come true

Voting is opened in these Countries until the following period:
22nd March (in store) 
29th March (by SMS and online)

22nd March (in store)
29th March (by SMS and online)

22nd March (in store)
4th April (by SMS and online)

22nd March (in store)
29th March (by SMS and online)

22nd March (in store)
28th March (by SMS and online)

22nd March (in store)
5th April (by SMS and online)

22nd March (in store)
27th March (by SMS and online)

You can vote in the participating Vlisco Stores, on Vlisco's website, and by SMS.

The competition tagged "Vlisco Fashion Dream Fund Contest" is aimed at providing funds for imaginative female creative fashion professionals (tailors, designers, and stylists).

For more details on the Contest, go to:
To Vote, go to:
To know more about the Event, go to:
Vlisco Women's Month 2013 : Be Your Dream



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