Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diary of an Aqua-phobic Swimmer

After several New Year resolutions, I finally got the courage to face one of my greatest fears: Water.

For some unknown reasons, the thought of being underneath water gets my heart rate going faster than Usain Bolt's legs.

But I knew I had to conquer it and this led me to my on-going drama filled journey in the swimming pool.

Just for the fun of it and also to share lessons learnt, I am going to make my blog a public journal; documenting my swimming journey.

See the full detail of my first day after the cut (try not to laugh too hard...I am still a learner *shy smile*) : 

Day One (1)
Dear Diary,

These people are trying to kill me!!!.

How am I supposed to get into a pool when the mere thought of putting my feet in scares the colour off my skin?

"C'mon Semira, you can do it" Adon (my Co-Learner / potential Olympic Swimmer) said.

"But I am scared, the water feels very heavy" I said in a timid voice while carefully dipping one foot into the pool.

*thinking about that statement now, how can water be that heavy....smh Semira.

"Just try" she urged on. foot down the stairs followed by another jittery foot, slowly but surely I finally get into the pool.

Yayyyyyyyyy....step one accomplished.

Now its time to move, I can't stay in one position all day ( I wish that was all swimming entailed though: get into the water, stay in one safe corner and smile).

Wishful thinking.

After several drama filled attempts, I finally learnt how to move around the shallow side of the pool (with my feet touching the base) without screaming for help.

I also learnt how to hold on to the edge or stairs and get my feet to paddle.

Didn't learn so much of the latter though.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Time to go home.

Question: How was your first experience in water?

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  1. I started diving from the first day I entered a swimming pool. I was born to move in and on water


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