Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diary of an Aqua-phobic Swimmer (Day Two)

Day Two (2)
Dear Diary,

We are here again.

This time I get in without so much drama *big smile*.

Now the Swimming Coach wants us to learn how to move/paddle in the water without holding onto anything.


Well, Adon did it and I was extremely impressed and a tiny bit discouraged since we both started out as "learners" together.

But I guess to each his own and besides her courage inspired me to try harder.

List of activities successfully carried out on Day Two:

1) Learnt how to paddle with my legs better than yesterday; if I keep this up, I can become an expert paddler...hehehehehe.

2) Stayed under water holding my breath without panicking...yayyyyyy.

3) Can hop in the pool (that is; using my hands to paddle while jumping/walking on my feet).

What I couldn't do *wailing*:

1) Let go off the base, edges or stairs completely.

2) Push forward with my feet and float for a while before using my hands to paddle (for some crazy reason, I just feel I will choke or something weird will happen if I let go).

The fear is killing me *wailing some more*.

Almost gave up but Adon dished out some motivational pep talk and I got hopping and paddling again.

I really enjoyed moving around the shallow end of the pool after I stopped being too hard on myself.

Baby steps Semira, baby steps; I repeatedly kept saying.

Of course I wish I could just conquer my fears like Jackie Chan (or any of those Asian Actors that jump off Cliffs without breaking a nail) and dive in, but reality is usually different from fantasy.

For now I have to appreciate the little steps I have taken forward.

Once again, tomorrow is another day.

Question: How did you deal with a mind numbing fear? 


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