Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Walk down Memory Lane

Does the picture below bring back fond memories for you as it does for me?

Bringing back those good ol' days of Voltron, Ghost Busters and the likes *never really been a fan of Tom & Jerry*.

Sometimes it feels really good looking back and smiling as we remember those mundane activities that carved out our childhood memories.

When I look at the picture l can still mentally view the ever energetic Ninja Turtles and their old but very agile leader (Sensei).

Their unending appetite for pizza.

My sister and I used to derive pleasure remembering the names of each Ninja Turtles.

And my love for the cartoon also transcended to my "Pablo Picasso" sketches of cartoon characters; where l would spend hours trying to perfect every curve and indent on their bodies.

Good Times. Really Good Times. :)


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