Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sights from Badagry

I was in Badagry, Lagos, over the weekend and took time out to visit the Heritage Museum (which has been sadly neglected by the Government). Wonder why they would do that to a place that holds such history (it was a District Office during the era of Lord Lugard).

Moving on....

I took pictures of various historical events especially the much despised slave trade era :(

I also took an "unprofessional" shot of the first Storey Building in Nigeria.

Despite the neglected state of the Museum, it is still worth a visit whenever you go to Badagry.

Did I mention that they have very delicious catfish in Badagry and the fresh coconuts are to die for :) ♥

Don't forget to try out those too :)

Paddlocks for the lips, legs and neck
Paddlocks for the lips and a neck chain
Raffle Draw Advert for a Mulatto Slave
First Storey Building in Nigeria
Slave Drinking Pot (with sharp edges)
A picture of a Slave hanging by the ribs
History of Slave Abolition
Statues of Household Slaves

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