Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is your Selling Point?

"What is your selling point?" Chi Chi asked, strolling into my Office.

I smiled.

And being the persistent person she is, she asked again.

"Semira, what's your selling point?", humming the tune and lyrics from D'Prince's song, titled "Goody Bag".

Although the song may have a slightly different meaning from my post and Chi Chi's enquiry.

It still asks a very vital question; what is your selling point?.

Really, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

What defines you?

What makes you marketable?

Having a selling point is similar to having a talent or a skill that is marketable.

The key word here is being marketable.

Not necessarily in monetary terms.

But it has to be able to provide vital services and also make people seek you out for those services.

It may be as little as being very good at braiding hair to being a big Publicist.

Whatever it is, it has to define your purpose here on Earth.

And really, we all know you can't give what you don't have.


You can't give what you have but don't know you have :).

Twisted yeah...

So until you dig deep and define your SELLING POINT.

You may just end up being an unpolished pearl sitting quietly in the depth of the Sea.

Waiting to exhale...

And until you get that pearl out, polish it till it is shining and dazzle the World with your radiance, you may truly never be "marketable".

So once again, I ask you:

What is your SELLING POINT?

Use it.

Now over to you...

What are you passionate about and how have you made it (them) your selling point (s)?


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