Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Combination of Song Titles

This is something i wrote a while back and want to share in recent times...i guess nostalgia has taken over :) 



 EVERYBODY KNOWS i used to feel your HALO around me but now it's all DEAD AND GONE.


It's not my fault that I'M SO PAID and called MISS INDEPENDENT, never knew it would mean so much to you.

Now my ENERGY is gone and it's so sad we never took time out to TALK ABOUT IT instead we stayed MAD at each other for so long.

I used to think you were JUST LIKE ME and could make me feel SUPER HUMAN but i was wrong and now it's time for me to keep my LOVE LOCKED DOWN and LIVE MY LIFE cuz we can't keep playing on BROKEN STRINGS.


So, am TAKING BACK MY LOVE cuz baby you aint IRREPLACEABLE :)


Made good use of my "Music Addiction" then because they are all music titles that i combined to come up with a "story".





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